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Products, production line

Packital presents a range of machines all developed on a modular basis. This feature allows you to find the drive "right" for each customer, designed and made according to production specifications and expectations of the applicant.

Packital designs, manufactures and install:

Checkweigher manufactured and traded by Packital are updated on technology, accuracy and versatility. Any machine fulfils criteria of friendly use, low maintenance charge and easy clean up.
Anyone of them can be provided with M.I.D.(CE) certification

Combined check units
The extremely high level of technology reached respectively by Packital in the weight control sector, and by FORTRESS in that of metal detection, drove to the development of the combined check machine.

Control units for checkweighers
Top quality components and technology of latest generation. Available control units have been designed and manufactured to suit any checkweigher of Packital range.

Metal detectors
Fortress is world wide leader in the production of metal detectors for food and pharmaceutical industry. Packital is official distributor of Fortress for Italian market.

Lane dividers
Sliding slat dividers and combiners suit every need to divert or divide any package, container or product into several lanes. The soft, progressive motion is suitable to handle any container, including unstable ones.

Lane combiners
Sliding slat combiners merge on one or more lanes products coming from multiple lines or lanes. The job performed by means of ancillary units or components (integrated in the supply) that allow to buffer and time the incoming product.

Mekitec X-Ray system is an automated product quality control system using the latest X-ray image processing technology. MEKI images the inside of food products and detects foreign objects such as metal, stones, glass, bones as well as dense plastics. MEKI simultaneously performs several different analysis, such as shape, weight or content inspection.

Packital professionals are always at your service to advise you on the drive that suits your needs. Dimensions, working height, direction, execution steel or color, accessories: choose with our staff the features of your machine.

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